Exchange Network Power Group of 42

ELXN - Living Exchange Network - beta

Category Services
Financial Services 1. Business Consultant 2. Financial advisor 3. Insurance agent 4. Accountant
Real Estate Services 5. Residential real estate agent 6. Commercial real estate agent 7. Property manager 8. Mortgage broker
Legal Services 9. Lawyer 10. Mediator 11. Judge of the peace 12. Immigration adviser
Marketing and Advertising 13. Printing service 14. Marketing expert 15. Networker / Events manager 16. Public relations professional
Technology Services 17. IT / Web consultant 18. Cybersecurity expert 19. Online marketing
Health and Wellness 20. Physician 21. Dentist 22. Chiropractor / Osteopath 23. Natural Health
Construction and Trades 24. Architect 25. Builder 26. Electrician 27. Plumber
Creative Arts and Design 28. Graphic designer 29. Artist 30. Photographer
Education and Training 31. Teacher 32. Tutor 33. Martial arts / Gym 34. Academic researcher
Retail 35. Clothing 36. Shoes 37. Food / Supermarket 38. Logistics
Hospitality 39. Restaurant 40. Coffee shop 41. Hotel / Accommodation 42. Bar / Nightclub

ELXN is a network of self employed professionals that support one another.


1. You get 1 point for each help given to another member. Help is not free work – it is defined as verbal consultancy of up to 10 minutes and can be done in voice or text.

2. You get 2 points for forwarding a client to another member or recommending a client to contact a member. If the client turned into a paying client, you get additional 8 points.

3. For every point someone else is getting from you, you are debited a point, and vice versa. Each member is receiving 5 points to start with. Each member must keep their credit points balanced between minus 20 to plus 20

4. Inactive members for 4 weeks are struck out from the network and their place is vacant for people in the queue. An active member is a member that gained at least one point during a period of 4 weeks.

5. For attending an ELXN networking event you earn 5 points.