Electricity is generated by different ways

Whenever you turn the switch on, you connect to the power grid, and the power grid consists of many power generation methods: the power generation companies burn fossil fuels like coal and gas, use nuclear power or use renewable sources like wind power, solar power and hydro power.

Renewable sources are not always available

When there is no wind - wind power is not produced, when the sky is dark - like at night - solar power is not generated and in drought seasons the dams are empty so hydro power is no effective. Reducing carbon emission means that you want to use power when renewable sources are available

elxn calculates the best eco-friendly times

elxn is collecting live data and thousands of other variables like weather conditions, generation methods, electricity demands and others, to give you the most sensible time to use electricity in order to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce carbon emission and fight global warming

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our leadership

Eran Ben-Shahar

Eran Ben-Shahar


Eran is a .com veteran with MsC in theoretical physics, holding 20 years of experience in developing web-apps and start-ups and keeping his hand dirty with elxn code development!
Maor Ben-Shahar

Maor Ben-Shahar

Research & Development

Maor worked as a developer for Callaghan Institute, currently doing his master degree in mathematics and physics in Europe. Maor is doing the scientific part of elxn - phew!
Elena Goryacheva

Elena Goryacheva

Business Analysis

Elena has wide experience with IT business & data analysis and product management, since she moved to NZ 7 years ago she helped a couple of startups like FreeAgent, ComHype and...us!

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